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For more than a decade, In-A-Jiffy Enterprises (IAJE) has been distributing and marketing portable videoke microphones in the Philippine market, providing countless of fun, enjoyment and relaxation to Filipinos. With the advocacy of promoting the country’s tourism, IAJE tied up with the Department of Tourism last 2003, which led to the birth of the WOW! brand. Now, WOW! products is also a tourism-promoting-tool that showcase the Philippines’ best – be it the Philippine’s beautiful beaches, historical sites, culture, food, festivals, flora, fauna, and many more.

Committed to provide the best and more technologically advanced products, IAJE partnered with RealSound Corporation (RSC) in 2009 to bring about a new era in the videoke entertainment. RSC is the distributor of videoke products from TJ Media Co. Ltd, a publicly listed corporation and a market leader in the commercial karaoke industry in South Korea. IAJE granted permission for RSC to brand its products as WOW! VIDEOKE PREMIUM™ and recently, the new GRAND VIDEOKE.

GRAND VIDEOKE provides the ultimate experience in videoke entertainment. It is now at the forefront of product innovation and development and is seen by industry observers to be the dominant videoke brand in the incoming days, casting a shadow on its competitors.

GRAND VIDEOKE is the only videoke system in the market today powered by the latest sound technology called DREAM SAM 3308 developed by renowned France SAS, the world-leading producer of sound modules. DREAM SAM 3308 can play back up to 144 musical instruments, producing exceptional High Definition sound, empowering its users to sing more encores.


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With over 5,150 built-in songs, customers can enjoy the widest repertoire of songs from Newest Hits to Party Favorites, Duets, 90's, 80's, and All Time Hits for all ages. It also includes HD Video backgrounds providing a perfect backdrop for singing.

All the songs have been re-mastered – to make it sound as close as possible to the original version. It also includes RealSound songs, Multiplex, as well songs with chorus and back-up vocals.

Furthermore, to enable every “Juan” and “Maria” to enjoy a WOW experience in videoke entertainment, IAJE introduced the WOW! VIDEOKE FIESTA™ that caters to the mass market. The latest model WOW! FIESTA DVD Karaoke, is a Videoke player and a DVD player in one.

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Like a true Filipino, In-A-Jiffy Enterprises / WOW! VIDEOKE™ will remain grounded by being true to its advocacies of celebrating life, promoting Philippine tourism, and supporting the music industry by providing premium videoke products that are all licensed.



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