A. Warranty Period

WOW! Fiesta, through Audio-Video Solutions Corporation, warrants this product against all manufacturing defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of:

Items Covered Manufacturer’s Warranty

Main Unit

Wireless Microphones

Remote Control

12 months

All Cables

Remote Control

Wired Microphones

Autovolt Adapter

No warranty


These warranty periods are applicable to the following models:

  1. WOW! Fiesta Melody (WF-230HD)
  2. Grand Videoke Concerto Smart Media Player (SMP-270W)
  3. WOW! Fiesta DVD Karaoke (WF-220 / WF-220 DVD)
  4. WOW! Fiesta Full HD Karaoke (WF-220HD)

For older Grand Videoke and WOW! Premium models, please refer to your product's supplied warranty cards on the last page of the user's manual.

B. Terms and Conditions

If the product is defective, it should be delivered to one of WOW! Fiesta's service centers at the customer's cost. The product shall be repaired free of charge during the warranty period.

The product should be accompanied by this card, duly completed and stamped by an authorized dealer along with the proof of purchase.

This warranty does not apply to:

  1. Customer installation, set up adjustments or signal reception problems.
  2. Defects or damage caused by natural disasters, accidents (such as immersion in water or dropping), misuse, abuse, negligence or unauthorized commercial use on any part of the product.
  3. Damage due to improper operation, maintenance or connection to incorrect voltage supply.
  4. Damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Audio-Video Solutions Corporation or their Authorized Service Providers.
  5. Product or part that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without written permission from Audio-Video Solutions Corporation.
  6. Consumables (such as batteries).
  7. Normal and customary wear and tear.
  8. Products which have had its serial number(s) and warranty seal(s) removed or made illegible.

This warranty does not cover the wired microphones, remote control, cables and other accessories.

C. Service Centers



Location Address & Contact Number

NCR-Ortigas(Metro Manila)

9th Floor East Tower, Unit E0907B-E0908

Philippine Stock Exchange Center

Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

Tel: +63 2 470 9022 / +63 2 470 6223

Mobile: +63 917 871 4151 / +63 917 581 2662 / +63 917 521 1415

NCR-Raon(Metro Manila)

Unit 11B, 2nd Floor

TRP Building, 801 Gonzalo Puyat St. (Corner Quezon Blvd.)

Quiapo, Manila, Philippines

Tel: +63 2 734 0664 / +63 2 400 4036

Mobile: +63 917 808 4070


Room 6, 2nd Floor

Osmeña Building, Colon St. (Corner Pelaez St.)

Cebu City, Philippines

Tel: +63 32 254 0356 / +63 32 781 7590

Mobile: +63 917 790 0089


Unit 301B, 3rd Floor

Lachmi Building, 3 Bolton St. (C. Bagnoy)

Barangay 3-A, Davao City, Philippines

Tel: +63 82 258 7938

Mobile: +63 917 503 5669

Cagayan de Oro

Room 307, 3rd Floor

PFIC Building, Aguinaldo Jr. Borja St.

Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Tel: +63 88 881 3148

Software Update

Updating the song data of WF220

Download link

      1. First have at least 1 empty SD CARD and 1 empty USB Flash drive. They will not work if there are other files. If possible 2 empty SD CARD and 1 empty USB Flash drive is recommended for convenience. Label properly.
      2. Copy contents of folder SD Card 1. Make sure they are not inside a folder and there are no other folders
      3. Insert the SD-CARD1 with the Update Software (dvdrom.bin) in the WF220 sd-card slot and turn the unit on.
      4. Get the remote control and press Karaoke/DVD button to exit Karaoke mode.
      5. Press TAB button and select SDcard. Press OK button. This message will appear.


      6. Press OK button again and the next picture will show.


      7. Copy MIDI folder into the empty USB flash drive. Make sure that there is no other folder or files.
      8. Remove the SD-CARD1 and insert the USB flash drive. The WF220 will read the thumb drive automatically and the next picture will show.


      9. Press the Return button and it will update the data. See next picture.


      10. Once the update completed, Press OK button to quit. If the message "UPDATE MTV FILE NOT ENOUGH" appeared, just Press OK button then the system will quit and the screen will display [NO USB].


      11. Copy contents of folder SD Card 3 into second SD Card. If using only 1 SD Card delete the contents before copying.
      12. Remove the USB thumb drive and insert the SD-CARD 3.
      13. Press the TAB button, select CARD and press OK button. The next picture will show.


      14. Press OK button again, it will reboot and go back to its original state. Remove the SD-CARD and you're done!

To Upgrade WF220HD

Download link

      1. Copy the files into an empty usb flash drive.
      2. Insert the usb flash drive in the usb slot of the unit.
      3. Power on the unit. a prompt will be display.
      4. Select ok on remote control to update. a progress bar will appear
      5. The unit will restart

To check system version

      1. With no song playing press and hold  arrow   on remote control
      2. The system version will be displayed

 To upgrade SMP270W - Smart Media Player

Download link

      1. Copy the files into an empty usb flash drive.
      2. Insert the usb flash drive in the usb slot of the unit.
      3. Power on the unit. a prompt will be display.
      4. Select ok on remote control to update. a progress bar will appear
      5. The unit will restart

 To upgrade DTV BOX

Download link

      1. Check first the system version and compare with the update version online
      2. If not the same version as those online download the files
      3. Copy the files into an usb flash drive
      4. Insert the usb flash drive in the usb slot of the unit.
      5. Press menu on remote control.
      6. Scroll right until the system menu is displayed.
      7. Scroll down to select system menu then press ok
      8. The software update menu will be displayed.
      9. Select usb upgrade. then scroll right or press ok.
      10. The update will proceed.

To check system version – DTV BOX

      1. Press menu on remote control.
      2. Scroll right until the system menu is displayed.
      3. Scroll down to select information then press ok
      4. System version and date of the version will now be displayed

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